Between Things

by Shabby Car

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These are songs that I wrote as I recorded them and recorded as I wrote them. Some are good, some are really crappy.

This was meant as a sort of practice - write and record the songs quickly and be done with them, and then write and record some more. Like a muscle-building workout or something.

I was prompted to let people hear it when I realized that if they liked a song I could brag about the fact that I made it up on the spot, and if they thought a song was stupid I could excuse it because of the fact that I made it up on the spot. Upside city!


released November 1, 2008




Shabby Car Chico

Irritable, confused, increasingly drowsy: such is the life of the man they call Mr. Shabby.

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Track Name: 82208
I think I sing this:

Go outside
you try it
just to try it out
When you get there
you'll know some how
the burning
won't go away

Give it a rest

In the shed
with the handy wood
you try it
like I knew you would
this feeling
won't go away
you can try it
on a better day

Give it a rest
Track Name: 82508
take it all on myself
took it all by myself
I played the part
I messed it up again

but there's good luck around every corner
so watch out!
Track Name: 90308
Close up your memories
keep them warm and soft
and hide them from your enemies
know that my hand
is well within your reach
is well within your means

Don't give up on this

Take them to the armory
let the splash around
in the puddles on the ground
speak no more of this
speak no more of anything
kiss them on their foreheads

Don't give up on this
Track Name: 91008
We line up taking our shots
Everyone giving what they got
You know it’s photographed
Making our place in the tribe
Giving up before our time
You know it’s photographed
A slicing slice of country life
Is speaking to your untrained eye
You know it’s photographed
Bittersweet is half-undone
Tempting to your untrained tongue
You know it’s photographed

God bless the people here tonight
God keep you safe and hold you tight
The lights are bright
The music’s loud
The girls look good
Their boys are proud
Track Name: 92508
Taking the time to make it so much clearer now
Making your face with that goopy-gook butter now
I know everything about you
but something is wrong and I can't put my finger on it

Don't go dancing without me.

I see your shoes and I know what you are thinking now
You're calling your friends and making plans for the evening now
I don't know everything about you
but I know where you are going and I know what you are going to do

Don't go dancing without me.
Track Name: 92908
Midlife teases swoon for cellophane jesus
his head's a figment of crowns
which hides his critical frown
from the adoring but dangerous crowd,
and sitting side-saddle
prepared for the battle
his mistress is stealing the scene
on the cover of Life magazine
we see her in full-color sheen
and know she's God.
Track Name: 101508
I think I sang something like this:

With their heads open
nice and wide,
and they're holding on
just to hear them all.

With their gold in them,
you can know,
you can know better
the hearts of gold.
and you